Five Daily Exercises for Personal Development

Discipline is what elevates your personal development. Finding daily exercises that bolster your mind, body and spirit is the first step to aligning yourself for achievement and peace. Here are five exercises that will help jump start your action program into personal development and expand your thinking of what is possible for your life.

Daily Cleansing

Make it a point to end the day cleaner than you started. Start from the inside out. Putting yourself on a juicing program is a great way to clean out your body. Once you finish the juicing program, move to the next outward layer of your skin. Invest time in learning how to make your skin cleaner than it was the day before. After you have solidified your skincare program, move to your room. Create a schedule to regularly vacuum, dust your blinds and change your linens. Expand outward to your entire living space, and finally, to the outside world.

Daily Rest

No matter how stressful your day is, set aside at least thirty minutes of active rest. Active rest is different from sleep. You are fully aware of your surroundings, while you are in active rest. However, you make no move to change anything in the outside environment, nor do you stress yourself out in any way. Feel the rising energy as you accept everything how it is instead of trying to change it. Note how much more synchronized you feel with the outside world. Take this feeling into your everyday life.

Daily Exertion

Just as you should take thirty minutes of active rest, you must also take fifteen to thirty minutes to test your limitations with a daily exercise routine. For best results, choose a program that is relatively intense compared to your everyday life. Whether you go for yoga, distance running or weight training, you should be testing your limits of self-improvement during this time of the day.

Daily Meditation

Daily meditation is different from active rest in that you are engaged in a formal program of meditation. Choose from a classic program such as basic Buddhist meditation, or move into more modern programs. Experiment. Be afraid of no type of meditation; only commit yourself to learning your chosen path more deeply once you have discovered the format that is for you. Meditation is more difficult than active rest, so start with five minutes and work your way up.

Daily Gratitude

Practice gratitude for all of the major events in your life. Whenever you feel the urge, take the time to stop and thank whatever entity you consider responsible for the event. Keep in mind that you are performing this action for positive and negative events. For positive events, thankfulness gives you a chance to share the joy of the feeling you are receiving. For negative events, being thankful gives you a chance to identify the source of the negativity and either avoid it or turn it around.

Practice these five things on a daily basis and you may soon find yourself developing in ways that you never thought possible. The discipline to keep up with these activities when you do not see immediate change is also another discipline that will help you grow. Be patient and you will see results that will blow your mind.

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