Five Meditation Tips for Traditional Moms

Women who work from home or choose to have a more traditional role as a stay at home parent, have the task of curating the home for their family. Though motherhood can be a joyous experience on many levels, they may face certain social pressures.

Many of these women may face the relatively new stigma that being a stay at home mother is not an empowered or progressive way to live. Many men in our changing economy find themselves in similar situations.

In modern day society, mothers are discovering the inherent strength of their nurturing nature through spirituality. More and more people are taking up meditation as a regular practice. Here are five tips on how spirituality can help you to be a stronger, more confident mother.


Practiced meditators know that meditation energizes the mind. It can be more effective than coffee and cheaper. Meditation takes vital energy away from complexes in the brain that contribute to anxiety, self-pity, and neuroticism. This will make you much more able to handle the ups and downs of your day and maximize your patience.


Many people believe that they cannot meditate because their internal monolog doesn’t shut off. Meditation does not mean shutting off the voice in your head, it means not reacting to the voice in your head. Just sit and breathe, and when your thoughts distract you, do not be discouraged. Simply let them go by like a passing cloud.

Set a timer

Taking the time to care for yourself can be frightening. By setting a timer, you give yourself the security of knowing that your meditation time is limited. Within that boundary, you can commit yourself to doing the work of calming, focusing and restoring your valuable internal resources.

Learn to be meditative

During meditation, we learn to be meditative. It is a practice. During a session, the mind works at taking the emphasis off of the impulses that urge us in unhealthy directions. You can be meditative any time and during any activity.

Practice Self Compassion

Know that you are on a journey to better mental and physical health. Not every step on that journey needs to be as good as every other. Allow yourself to have a short session once in a while and forgive yourself when you become distracted. Perfection is the enemy of the good.

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