Five Ways to Become More Spiritual in 2023

For many people, the word "spirituality" is associated exclusively with religion. In reality, one can be spiritual without being religious and vice versa. Below, you'll find five ways of practicing spirituality that don't rely on religion as a basis of doing so.

1) Focus on what you love

It might sound trite, but focusing on what you love feeds your spirit. By making time to pursue activities that enrich your soul, your mind is freed from worry, work and the inevitable things that threaten to clutter your brain.

2) Connect with yourself every day

Taking five minutes during your daily commute to listen to your inner voice can help you raise your consciousness. Take advantage of those small bits of time that are scattered throughout each day and think about the kind of person that you see yourself as in the future.

3) Practice small acts of kindness

Doing something for someone else without expecting anything in return taps into your natural spirituality. These small acts of kindness can be free or low in cost. In fact, it can be something as simple as holding the door open for someone as they enter a store or letting a car in front of you during rush hour traffic. A more ambitious idea could be paying for coffee for the next person in line.

4) Resolve to approach everyone from a place of love

This doesn't mean you have to become chummy with your irritating coworker. Instead, take a look outside yourself and realize that your annoying coworker likely has his or her own inner demons and hardships. Resolve to tolerate their presence and try to treat them with grace and civilly.

5) Consume media in small portions

Everyone loves to feel connected with far-flung family and friends, but doing so can be draining as well. Social media sites are hotbeds for controversy. They are also places where the latest sensational headlines are shared over and over again. Limit yourself to only a few minutes of social media each day to avoid being inundated with too much drama.

It's also a good idea to turn the television off occasionally. Otherwise, you may find yourself being drawn into negative distractions that can have a sobering effect on your own spirituality.

Practicing some, or even all, of the above suggestions may help you learn more about yourself spiritually. As an added bonus, you may be happier, more relaxed and more at peace with yourself in the process.

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