Home Decor Health: How To Promote Wellness In Your House

Healthy living is an ongoing process. It involves subtle changes to every part of your lifestyle. Home decor offers a particularly important opportunity to improve wellness both physically and mentally.

Make Use Of Mirrors

Exposure to sunlight has no shortage of physical and psychological benefits. This comes chiefly from its ability to provide your body with vitamin D, which decreases the risk of rickets, bone disease and certain types of cancer. There is also evidence that sun exposure can protect against MS, hypertension, type I and II diabetes and seasonal depression. Strategic use of mirrors allows you to spread sunlight throughout your home, maximizing the benefits to you and your family. Mirrors can also open up small or cramped rooms, reducing the sense of confinement that can take a toll on your mental health.

Get The Best Glass

As beneficial as sunlight is for your health, it does have some drawbacks, notably in exposing you to ultraviolet radiation. UV rays increase the risk of skin cancer, cataracts, and other illnesses. Homeowners often feel they must make a difficult choice between avoiding these risks and taking advantage of sunlight. By installing low-emissivity glass window panes, however, you can block harmful radiation from your home without obstructing sunlight. This glass also prevents heat from moving through your windows, making it cheaper and more sustainable to keep your house warm during the winter.

Work With White

Painting your walls white allows them to absorb natural light more effectively, further enhancing the brightness and openness of each room. White furnishings and decorations have a similar effect. Punctuate white walls and furnishings with a variety of different colors. The white will reflect those shades, giving the room a colorful, varied feel that is sure to keep you happy and entertained.

Choose Fabric Wisely

No matter the color choices you make for your furnishings, opt for couches and chairs made from non-toxic, hypoallergenic materials. These materials will improve the quality of indoor air. Hypoallergenic products also keep your house safe for a wide range of guests, making others more willing to visit your home. This in turn helps you maintain a more active social life, a key factor in promoting mental health.

Seek Sanitary Surfaces

When choosing tables, bookshelves, and other surfaces, opt for materials that are easy to clean and maintain. Glass, granite, and rustproof metal can be sanitized with minimal effort and few materials. Not only does this make it easy to avoid sources of infection, but it also means that you will not have to use as many chemicals when cleaning your home. This will improve air quality and reduce your exposure to a variety of carcinogens and allergens.

Select For Safety

If you choose glass surfaces, opt for those made out of tempered or laminated material. Such surfaces are less likely to break and are less dangerous when they do. This will both protect your family from injury and reduce your anxiety about your children’s safety.

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