How Rearranging Your Furniture Can Reduce Stress

While there’s something to be said for familiarity and routine, too much familiarity may soon turn into boredom, which then could turn into stress. Sometimes, all you need to break yourself out of a downward spiral is a little change-up. One easy change-up that won’t cost you a dime is to simply rearrange your furniture.

The Psychological Benefits of Rearranging Furniture

As simple as it sounds, rearranging the furniture in your home has been shown to have some real psychological benefits. Rearranging your furniture allows you to make an imprint on your environment and leaves you feeling as if you’ve improved it. It’s a way of creating harmony between yourself and the space you live in, as well as, creating what feels like a fresh, new environment for you to enjoy. At the surface, it’s just a simple task. Beneath the surface however, it’s a form of therapy that gives you direct control over one of one of the most important elements in your life—your home.

Rearranging your furniture is also a creative outlet. Like the artist who paints away her frustration or the writer who releases her emotions through pen and paper, rearranging the furniture allows you to express your creativity, challenge your mind and distract yourself from the stresses of life. Studies have shown that creating art is one of the most effective means of relieving stress. Rearranging the furniture may not make you feel like a modern-day Picasso, but it is a form of artistic expression that offers the same stress-relieving benefits.

How to Start

It may feel a little silly at first, moving around the furniture in your home for seemingly no reason at all, but soon you will likely find yourself swept up in the moment, envisioning new ideas for what furniture can go where, evaluating new arrangements and making decisions about which changes get to stay and which ones you need to rethink. It’s an activity that will feel almost natural, like a bird building its nest.

When it comes right down to it, rearranging the furniture in your home is as simple as moving one piece of furniture at a time to a new and improved location. If along the way you find that the process leads to a new and improved you, then that’s all the better.

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