How to Fall in Love With Yourself: Four Self-Care Dates to Build Confidence

Taking yourself on a solo self-care date can be a little intimidating at first. With practice, you will grow to love this time spent in your own company! Inspired by Julia Cameron's "Artist Dates" from her creative self-help book, The Artist's Way, our four self-care date ideas will get you feeling calm, inspired, energized and full of self-love!

Art Adventure

Strolling through an art museum by yourself is a great way to break into the self-care dating game. You can follow your own interests and stop at only the pieces of art that truly resonate with you. This can be a great way to find inspiration and creatively recharge. Not an art fan? Take advantage of the peace and quiet as you stroll through the museum, then treat yourself to a coffee or glass of wine in the museum's cafe.

Another great option is to research free "art walk" evenings in your community. This way, you can still get plenty of exposure to great art, while also connecting with your local community.

Dining Solo

If the prospect of going out to eat on your own sounds terrifying, you can ease into this date by bringing a book, or sitting at the bar. At the bar you can easily make conversation with other diners or the bar staff. Once you get comfortable, you can eventually move with confidence towards your very own table for one. Try bringing a notebook and jotting down notes about each delicious dish, or simply focus all your attention on the pleasures of seeing, smelling and tasting your food, without any distraction. The experience of dining out alone can feel strange at first, but it can become a very pleasurable staple of your self-care routine once you get the confidence to try it out!

Choose Your Own Spa Day

A solo day at a spa can do wonders for your self-esteem, but if your budget won't allow the whole nine yards, you can easily create a DIY spa day in your very own home. Pick up some Epsom salts for your tub, a face mask, aromatic candles, a fresh bottle of nail polish and your favorite magazines. Indulge with a nice candlelit soak, then give yourself a manicure and facial. If you want to get crafty, try making your own spa day beauty products using essential oils and everyday items like ground oatmeal, herbal tea and honey.

Get Outdoors

Taking a hike is a wonderful way to spend the day with yourself, especially when the leaves begin to turn colors in autumn. Don't let winter weather stop you; a solo cross-country ski trip will get your heart rate up while you reflect on the beauty of all four seasons. Looking for summer fun? Pack a beach bag for one and give yourself a break by the lake or ocean. Let the sounds and sights of the natural world transport you from the worries of your daily life and take time to recharge and feel gratitude for all the care you've chosen to give your powerful, beautiful self!

An afternoon or evening spent alone doesn't have to include the couch and the television. Get energized with these self-care activities and expand your comfort zone and confidence!

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