The Power of Friendship: How Being a Better Friend Can Make You Lucky in Love

A new relationship can set our hearts a flutter. Spending all of your time with a new love feels exciting, thrilling and natural to do, but what if the secret to long lasting love means remembering to take time for friendship, too?

A Balancing Act

New relationships are exciting and throwing yourself headfirst into the romance of early love can have a dizzying effect. In fact, a study from Oxford University noted that when people begin seeing someone romantically, they tend to lose an average of two friends from their core circle of chums.

This finding is especially sobering for people who tend to burn through relationships quickly. Neglecting friendships for romance can lead you to turn over otherwise quality friendships without even realizing it. Losing friends means you're left with fewer resources for emotional support during a breakup or other tough moments in your life. Taking time to nurture existing friendships means that your support system remains strong, even if Mr. or Mrs. Right takes their leave.

Hang on to Friendships and Watch Your Relationship Bloom

Cultivating quality relationships with friends can actually strengthen your self-esteem and, in turn, your ability to be a great partner to your new love. As an article in Psychology Today makes clear, friendships are a great way to practice and excel at the communication skills that all relationships, romantic orplatonic, truly need. With a close friend, you can be honest, share your fears and vulnerabilities, practice compassion and show real appreciation for one another. Once you master these skills with a close friend, you'll not only be growing that friendship, but you'll also leave yourself better equipped to be a stellar partner for the next romance that crosses your path.

When you are kind to your friends, you attract kindness in return. Feeling supported and cared for by a community of loving friends will give you a strong foundation of confidence and self-worth to help you better navigate the perils of dating. When the right person comes along to kindle the first sparks of love, keep these loyal friends in your mind and heart. Nurturing close friendships will not only help protect you from the fallout of potential heartbreak, but it will also make you a better person, better lover and better friend to all.

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