Using Meditation to Connect With Your Body

Meditation is a practice that places a great deal of emphasis on clearing your mind. Because of this, meditation is an ideal method of connecting with your body. With meditation comes a range of benefits such as increased happiness, concentration and self-awareness.

The Mind-Body Connection

If you know how to listen to it, your body offers some telling clues about how you're feeling in any given situation. For example, when you're upset, you'll probably notice an uneasy or tense feeling in your stomach, heart or muscles. Happiness likely means your body feels relaxed and almost lightweight.

Meditate to Tune Into Your Body's Messages

By taking the time to meditate, you can become more aware of your body. According to Yoga Journal, using that knowledge allows you to feel more grounded and relaxed during stressful times. It can also increase your body's resilience and improve its ability to relax. In fact, as you become better at marrying meditation with your body's senses, you'll notice what it's trying to tell you. Early symptoms of stress include discomfort, tightness, irritation and heaviness.. In the long run, early responses to these common signs of stress could help you combat more serious health conditions like high blood pressure, fatigue and anxiety.

Practice Sensing

Mindfulness is a hallmark of meditation. Too much thinking, though, keeps you focused within your mind. Instead, make it a point to notice any sensations in your body. The best way to go about this is to set aside some time and space where it is quiet and you can be unhurried.

Sensing Your Body

Starting with your hands, focus your attention on one at a time. Notice the sensations that you sense with your hand. Some examples of sensations might be throbbing, warmth, lightness, pulsing, heaviness and coolness. Feel the energy that emanates from your hand. Do this without judgment or reaction to those sensations you are experiencing.

Continue sensing your body as you breathe in slowly through your nose. Move on to sensing the other parts of your body. Taking an unhurried approach, focus on feeling the sensation of each part of your body as it is revealed to you. Become aware of how one sensation often melts into another as you continue the journey of body awareness through meditation. Be sure to scan and sense each area of your body from your head and scalp, as well as, to each individual toe and everything in between. Leave no parts of your body out as you complete the relaxing body scan.

Follow Meditation's Guiding Principles

Meditation is best experienced frequently and in small doses. Resolve to practice becoming aware of the sensations of your body on a daily basis. Even five or ten minutes in the morning before you go to work can help you feel deeply relaxed and at ease within yourself, which is a sensation that could last all day.

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